Soil Survey

Pipeline Soil Handling and Monitoring

From pre-construction soil surveys to post-construction monitoring and post-abandonment assessments for certification, our environmental specialists have the experience to provide a variety of pipeline services.



At the pre-construction stage, we specialize in conducting soil surveys to determine soil handling requirements along proposed routes as part of conservation and reclamation plan soil reporting, which effectively conserves soil resources from construction through reclamation.

During construction, we also offer environmental inspection services to ensure soil handling recommendations are followed to ensure that pipeline projects are completed to the regulator’s satisfaction at every stage.

Our pipeline soil handling services include:

  • Pre-construction soil survey for soil handling requirements;
  • Preparation of reclamation plans to comply with certification standards;
  • Re-establishment of suitable vegetation on the right-of-way; and,
  • Supervision of pipeline construction and reclamation.

Following construction, NorthWind provides assessment and monitoring services which include:

  • Post-Construction Monitoring to ensure pipelines are on a suitable trajectory towards equivalent land capability;
  • Problem mitigation and the development of post-construction reclamation strategies; and,
  • Post-abandonment assessments for certification.


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