Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

NorthWind has the expertise and experience to perform Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and remediation services in order to evaluate, characterize and manage contamination liability for sites and properties in the oil and gas, commercial and industrial sectors.



Each of our ESAs are conducted according to applicable federal, provincial, and municipal standards.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals are certified through the Association of Environmental Site Assessors of Canada (AESAC) and are equipped to apply our assessment and remediation experience using the most current and applicable guidelines (Tier 1 or 2) or the Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST) on any property type including agricultural/forested, residential, industrial, and commercial. Our team evaluates all potential options and works with our clients to arrive at regulatory compliant, cost-effective solutions on their behalf. This helps to make informed business decisions where contaminant liability is concerned, which can include property sale and/or pre-acquisition assessments to satisfy lender requirements, regulatory compliance monitoring, and management of contamination to prepare for reclamation certification, to name a few.

Our ESA services provide detailed information regarding the past and present conditions of a site, characterize areas of potential environmental concern (if required), through to the preparation and execution of comprehensive remediation strategies in order to remove or mitigate environmental liability in the most cost-effective manner. Our experience includes work on thousands of sites in the oil and gas, commercial and industrial sectors which we draw upon to make informed decisions about the probability and subsequent management of contamination on behalf of our clients.

Our ESA services include:

  • Comprehensive Phase 1 ESAs that meet all applicable guidelines including comprehensive site inspections to determine the current condition of the site;
  • Comprehensive Phase 2 ESA investigations which include soil and water sampling programs for contaminant characterization and delineation;
  • Development of remedial action plans and planning, management, and field execution of a wide range of remediation techniques; and,
  • Professional report preparation for all ESA and remediation work phases with the appropriate professional sign-off.


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